Licensed Pharmacists Are Experts at Dispensing Medication …

Pharmacists are required by law to dispense as prescribed by a veterinarian or a human physician.

Pharmacists can help customers verify the medication and dosage is safe for their pets, and help customers save money if generic equivalents are available and applicable.

Pharmacists have information about every pet medication and can consult with pet owners about usage and safety considerations.

Just like your human physician, vets should tell you about each medication they are prescribing and how to use it …

Many vet schools in the US have pharmacists teaching veterinary students about pet medications and dispensing practices. And pharmacists will be dispensing the medications for your pet based on the vet’s prescription (just like with human prescriptions).

If pharmacists train and educate vets on pet medications, they are surely qualified to dispense the pet medications.

Pharmacists undergo rigorous training and education to understand the chemistry and pharmacological effects of any medication.

They must pass extensive tests and undergo years of collegiate education to be earn their license to dispense medications.