2004 prescription release legislation for contact lenses benefited consumers, opticians and manufacturers

1978 Eyeglasses Rule Passed

Guaranteed eyeglass patients a right to a copy of their prescriptions

Enabled Lens Crafters and the advent of 1-hour on-site preparation of lenses

Resulted in significantly lower prices for eyeglasses, more customer convenience, and faster service

2004 Contact Lens Rule Passed

Guaranteed contact lens patients a right to a copy of their prescriptions

The contact lens market grew, patients received more eye exams and significant product innovation drove growth

Customers saved money and had a legally protected choice – they were able to choose where to buy contact lenses and how much to pay

Optometrists & Manufacturers 

  • 2003 to 2008 “ophthalmic sector as a whole” grew “250 percent”
  • 2009 – as of “September 2009, the ophthalmic sector as a whole was up 44 percent year-to-date … far ahead of the S&P 500.”
  • 2011 – “the contact lens market remained healthy in 2011, with U.S. sales growing 5%”