Special interest concerns about the legislation


By simultaneously prescribing and filling a veterinarian is better able to consult the pet owner and keep the pet safe

Human pharmacists are not able to safely advise pet owners

Pet medication should only be sold if purchased from the manufacturers

Prescription release law unnecessary because most vets release prescriptions upon request


Human physicians provide direction and consultation as they prescribe medication. The same standard that protects humans should be applied to our pets

Vets should consult with pet owners – just like human physicians – when they provide prescriptions. Pharmacists are well trained and have complementary technical information relating to dispensing medication as prescribed by the vet or physician

Today leading pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers only sell to vet clinics. As a result, secondary distributors are essential to providing consumers with a choice

Whether they should or not, some vets refuse to or delay release of prescriptions, some vets charge a prescription fee, and ultimately pet owners shouldn’t have to ask for a copy of the prescription – customer choice should be protected by the law