The Fairness to Pet Owners Act is a Congressional bill that will make pet medications more affordable for pet owners. The law protects pet owners and ensures all pet owners have a choice – a choice on when and where to fill and pay for their pet’s prescriptions, just like people do for human prescriptions.

Tell Congress to support the Fairness to Pet Owners Act which guarantees the pet owner a copy of their pet’s prescriptions…

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The Fairness to Pet Owners Act will ensure the following:

Ensure pet prescriptions will be provided automatically, just like human prescriptions
Eliminate prescription release fees charged by some veterinary clinics – these fees reduce the savings from buying for less at another licensed pharmacy
Eliminate delays and misleading legal releases that some veterinary clinics ask pet owners to sign prior to providing a pet’s prescriptions
The Fairness to Pet Owners Act is a Congressional bill that will benefit pet owners by giving access to affordable medication for their pets. Pet owners will be allowed to choose where to fill their pet’s prescription, just like humans do for their own prescriptions.
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